Imagine an environment where teacher and student relationships are valued. Mindset is strengthened through Social Imagination. Students are taught their brains are continuously growing, they can succeed at any challenge with a “Growth Mindset”, and mistakes are not failures. Both teachers and students understand the importance of perspective and tuning in to the needs, thoughts, and feelings of others to create an environment of safety and care. It is filled with wonder, awe, and enormous power. The teacher and student relationship is reflective, and both continually strive for improvement and growth. The reflectivity fosters change, community building, and harmony. This is Egypt Elementary.

Picture intentional teaching with the end result always in mind… Success! Our classrooms are engaging, rigorous, and impactful. Our hallways are filled with learning. We are a school on the move. Egypt is rising quickly with exceptional growth on state and district assessments. Egypt is now a two-time reward school, scoring in the top 5 percent of schools in the state for growth. Our garden of educators and learners are continuing to flourish. Daily we plant seeds of quality instruction, build civic capacity, and positive mindset.

What is the reality? Egypt is a dream. A dream realized through hard work, dedication to students, and a clear mission and vision. We are Egypt. We are Pharaohs. We are Strong.

Named for one of the greatest dynasties in the Middle East, we are the P.H.A.R.A.O.H.S. Each and every day our teachers and students embody Persistence, Honesty, Acceptance, Responsibility, Attitude, Obedience, Harmony, and Strength.

We stand Pharaoh Strong Together!

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